About the Australian Prototype Series

The Australian Prototype Series (APS) is the premier Sports Car racing category in Australia and continues to build for the 2023 season. 

Launching in 2017, the APS embraces a remarkably diverse array of open-top sports and open wheel cars. The 2023 series will include four races across three circuits.

Series Vision

The remarkably competitive series aims to provide high performance racing, amongst a vast range of manufacturer vehicles. Additionally, the series attracts competitors with varying levels of budget and allows for close racing throughout the field. 

With 8 different manufacturers, cars powered from turbo charged engines through to small capacity motorcycle motors, the range of different sports cars on the track always creates a great spectacle of racing. The series also uses performance measures to ensure the racing remains close and exciting throughout the season. 

Future Pathways

The range of sports cars, including the addition of CN Prototypes closes the gap to international-level Prototype competition and is set to make the Australian Prototype Series a legitimate pathway for drivers looking to access the increasingly popular LMP3 and LMP2-based series in Asia, Europe and America.

This allows the APS to serve two purposes; be a place for young drivers to gain experience for international sports car competition, and for amateur or enthusiast racers to enjoy their competition, be competitive and race some of the most impressive cars around.

As in previous seasons, variety will again be the focus of a stable set of rules and regulations, with multiple class competition to continue in an effort to build on what was established in season one.

Eligible cars for P1 Class competition include the current 6SR cars of Lincspeed, Prince, Minetti, Speads, Stohr and West; and the current 2C cars of Radical SR3 and ADR3; plus the FIA Group CN cars from ADR3, Chiron, Juno, Ligier, Norma, Tatuus, and Wolf.