2023 Series & Format

The Series has taken a strategic shift to stand-alone feature events with guaranteed track time, permanent infrastructure for garaging and maintaining traditionally low entry fees. 

There are four rounds. Trophies will be awarded to the 3 highest point scorers at each round in Class 1 (overall), the highest point scorer in class 3, as well as Radical class and again for the overall points at the end of the series.

Round 129 - 30 AprilPhillip Island
Round 29 - 11 JuneThe Bend Motorsport Park
Round 38 - 10 September Sydney Motorsport Park
Round 413 - 15 OctoberThe Bend Motorsport Park


The APS recognises 3 classes within the series. All cars are eligible for outright points in the P1 championship, with only selected cars able to earn points in P2 and SR3 Class. 

AP1 (Australian Prototype) - Each Automobile with an engine derived from a production motorcycle excluding any Radical SR3. 

AP2 (Sports Racer) - Each Automobile not included in Class 1 or Class 2. Encouraging beginners and lower budget competitors to race this Trophy Class series.

SR3 Pro Series - Radical SR3 Automobiles are only eligible.

Round/Race Format

The Australian Prototype Series will have two round formats featuring both standing and rolling starts. The different formats and starting procedure are designed to give variety and offer a challenge. Round formats below.

Race 1 at all events  is a Non Championship Standing Start. 

Race 2 and Race 3 (where applicable) at all events are Rolling Starts. 

Round Format 1

  • Practice- Minimum three (3) x 20 minute sessions.
  • Qualifying- Minimum one (1) x 20 minute session
  • Races- One (1) race of approx. 25 minutes duration and one (1) race of approx. 35 minutes duration expressed as a number of laps.

Round Format 2

  • Practice - Minimum three (3) x 20 minute sessions.
  • Qualifying - Minimum one (1) x 20 minute session.
  • Races- The first two (2) races will be of approx. 20 minutes duration expressed as a number of laps and race three (3) will be of approx. 25 minutes duration expressed as a number of laps.

Official practice sessions (usually 3 x 20 minutes) are included in the entry fee. These sessions are normally conducted on the day prior to the Shannons Nationals rounds.