2024 Series & Format

The Series has taken a strategic shift to stand-alone feature events with guaranteed track time, permanent infrastructure for garaging and maintaining traditionally low entry fees. 

There are four rounds. Trophies will be awarded to the 3 highest point scorers at each round in Class 1 (overall), the highest point scorer in class 3, as well as Radical class and again for the overall points at the end of the series.

Round 1 12-13 April
Sydney Motorsport Park
Round 2 7-9 June The Bend Motorsport Park - International Circuit
Round 3 4-6 October Phillip Island
Round 4 22-24 November The Bend Motorsport Park - GT Circuit


The APS recognises 3 classes within the series. All cars are eligible for outright points in the AP1 championship, with only selected cars able to earn points in AP2 and SR3 Class. 

AP1 (Prototype) -The APS premier class features FIA LMP3 and CN Prototypes from manufacturers such as Wolf, Praga and Ligier.

AP2 (Supersport) - Open to all Motorsport Australia 6SR and smaller engine vehicles. Encouraging beginners and lower budget competitors to race this Trophy Class series.

SR3 Pro Series - Radical SR3 Automobiles are only eligible.

For details refer to the 2024 APS Australian Prototype Series Sporting Regulations. 

Round/Race Format

Generally, the format for each round will be:

  • Practice - Minimum three (3) x 20 minute sessions.
  • Qualifying - Minimum one (1) x 20 minute session.
  • Races- The first two (2) races will be of approx. 20 minutes duration expressed as a number of laps and race three (3) will be of approx. 25 minutes duration expressed as a number of laps.

Official practice sessions (usually 3 x 20 minutes) are included in the entry fee. These sessions are normally conducted on the day prior to the rounds.