The Cars

The 2020 Australian Prototype Series will be made up of three classes:-

P1 or P2: Determined by driver experience and car performance for each automobile complying with:

 – Group 6SR (Sports Racer)

 – Group 2PCN

 – Group 2A

 – Radical SR8

– Formula Libre Up To 1 Litre (FL1)

Radical/Supersport: For each automobile complying with:

– Radical SR3

– Minetti Supersports

Competitors in all classes will compete for the Outright Australian Prototype Series Championship as well as their own Class Championships.

CN Prototypes

CN Prototypes

CN Prototypes have raced competitive in the Asian Le Mans Series and the Creventic 24H Proto Series.

The CN Prototypes and other variant models closes the gap to international-level Prototype competition and is set to make the Australian Prototype Series a legitimate pathway for drivers looking to access the increasingly popular LMP2 and LMP3 racing series in Asia, Europe and America. 

Radical Supersport

Radical Supersport

The Australian Prototype Series also incorporates Supersport Cars including SR3 Radical and Minetti Sports Cars on our grid as a separate class. Trophies and class points will be awarded at each round.

The SR3 Radical Sports Cars have around 250bhp (190Kw) and 170Nm of torque in a sub-500kg package, these twin-seater open cockpit projectiles have true racecar credibility and at a 10.500rpm rev-limit, they sound every bit as good as they look.

Sports Racers

Sports Racers

Sports Racers are a restricted design open, centre seated, sports-racing car with a mid-mounted engine driving the rear wheels. The Series currently includes many manufacturers Stohr, West, HRP, Prince & Speads.