The Cars

AP1 Prototype

APS premier class features machinery that would usually be found on the world’s most famous racing circuits, built by bespoke racing car manufacturers.
FIA LMP3 and CN Prototypes are the mainstay of AP1, from supercar, F1 and Le Mans manufacturers such as Wolf, Praga, Ligier and Pilbeam. Many of these cars are capable of challenging for outright lap records at most Australian racetracks, with high downforce and power in lightweight carbon fibre chassis.

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AP2 Sports Racer

Open to all Motorsport Australia 6SR and smaller engine vehicles, P2 category features single-seat closed wheel vehicles found predominantly in the United States SCCA and IMSA series.

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SR3 PRO Radical SR3

The world’s most popular Prototype racing car, Radical’s SR3 is the mainstay of Australian Prototype Series. With over 120 SR3 sold in Australia, this globally recognised formula provides performance close to that of P1 Prototypes, in a cost-effective and user-friendly package.

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